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Stunting isn’t what you might think.

There are a lot of factors that make doing motorcycle stunts extremely dangerous which is why most professional stunters will tell you that doing it in traffic is never worth the glory. However many people continue to perform stunts on the highway illegally and continue to give motorcycle stunting a bad reputation. This is why I want......   Check out
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Stunt Riding vs Race Riding

Stunt Riding is very technical and difficult for most average riders who are used to just a lazy afternoon riding in the mountains or racing on a track. Sometimes as a rider we need a challenge and that is one reason why stunt riding is becoming so popular. Many riders don’t feel challenged .....  Check out for more of this story and rider inputs.



My first motorcycle gave me my dreams.

My first motorcycle was a 50cc scooter that only had one gear and a rear drum brake that barely worked. I loved it more than my first teddy bear and more than my first girlfriend. That bike got me hooked to having wind in my face and the thrill of twisting the throttle. I remember when I.....   For more heart catching rider stories check out